Health Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Advocate.

 Is a chemical engineer who, by his own necessity, has become a leading advocate for sports nutrition, supplementation, hormone and therapies, and the promotion of wellness. His search for cutting-edge health  knowledge started when he was diagnosed with HIV over 30 years ago during a hopeless era.

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A Passion for Health

During the past 35+ years, Nelson Vergel’s health challenges have motivated him to  become an authority on several health-related subjects like hormone therapy, aging, HIV health and resilience building. To disseminate knowledge, he has produced several publicationsbookslectures, activism and websites.

Spreading The Word

Nelson has granted interviews related to his different knowledge areas,  how he built resilience and the effect of his work in people’s lives.

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After finding myself dying in a hospital at 125 pounds, and then putting on 60 pounds to regain my health, I can say that the information contained in this book is something all HIV(+) people should know about IT HAS HELPED ME STAY ALIVE. It contains fundamental wellness tools that should be in all our arsenals.

Jeff Taylor

Was experiencing dramatic weight loss, dropped to 155 from 175. Started a modified PoWeR cycle. We are now at 200 mg testosterone and 100 mg nandrolone every other week. Glad I am almost done since they have stopped manufacturing the generic and the Deca is on back order. The results have been phenomenal, I am now up to 188 lbs. and have gotten noticeably bigger.


I have taken the PoWeR suggestions for eating and steroids quite seriously for the last six months and actually have had my protease pot belly shrink down so that it’s barely sticking out and my triglycerides decrease to the high end of normal. I am currently taking testosterone and Winstrol, and avoiding all sugar and starch, and will continue too, as long as it keeps working. Thank you for giving me your time and your knowledge.

Mark T

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