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Dear PoWeR,
I have AIDS and had taken on the appearance of a holocaust victim. My lifetime normal weight of 145 lbs. had reached a low of 125 lbs. Six weeks later, following Nelson Vergel's recommended PoWeR program I weigh more now than I have ever weighed. At 150 lbs. plus, I look and feel great. One fantastic side effect has been the return of a more normal sex life.

C. Kirby

Dear PoWeR,
Over a period of approximately 10 months I was facing an ever-increasing list of symptoms including nausea and vomiting, weakness, fatigue, weight loss, and the associated depression. I was just plain sick and felt lousy, but nobody seemed to listen to me. Finally my doctor, Dr. Shannon Schrader referred me to Nelson Vergel. I spoke with Nelson and he assured me I was a good candidate for his PoWeR program for wellness restoration. He took the time to schedule an appointment in his office in Houston. Nelson was very sympathetic and really understood my frustration and failing health. At last, someone who understood! After only two weeks of following his simple program I gained 10 lbs., and had more energy than I'd had in months. I remember telling Nelson, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner! Five weeks have gone by since my initial contact with Nelson, and I have gained 19 lbs. of lean body mass, my energy level has sky-rocketed, and I have not even started working out yet. I have not felt this good in many months! As an LVN, I learned much about proper nutrition and exercise, as well as the use of steroids in some HIV wasting cases. Never had it been explained as thoroughly and simply and applied with such effectiveness, until I had the great fortune to meet Nelson Vergel and begin my own program for wellness restoration. Bravo Nelson! Thank you for giving me hope and showing me that it is possible to feel good again! --- Randy C.

Dear Nelson,
I am an HIV-positive ..... hummmm use to think that being positive was a GOOD THING. Well, actually I still do. I have never been so alive since I discovered that I was HIV-positive a couple of years ago decided to either get crazy and die, or GET REAL and do something fantastic to my body. I was lucky in that the new protease medication was just starting to hit the market. I had a viral load at 14000 and T4 cell count of 500. Weight was about 170 lbs., size 33 waist, however, even now without starting on the big O protease yet. I have an undetectable viral load, and T4 count of 800. 172 lbs., size 31 waist (leaner). I am taking Anadrol and working out four days each week. Was taking testosterone cypionate - a 200 mg injection once per week. My doctor suggested that I try Anadrol to see how it worked with me. I am meeting my doctor today to discuss stacking testosterone cypionate with the Anadrol as I understand that they work better together......Your hard work and the lives you save through sharing your knowledge is appreciated by us, and our friends and family that love us and want us around. You are loved.

Thanks (such a simple word for so much),

To Everyone,
After finding myself dying in a hospital at 125 pounds, and then putting on 60 pounds to regain my health, I can say that the information contained in this book is something all HIV(+) people should know about IT HAS HELPED ME STAY ALIVE. It contains fundamental wellness tools that should be in all our arsenals.

Thank you, Michael and Nelson!
Jeff Taylor
San Diego

Dear Michael,
I have taken the PoWeR suggestions for eating and steroids quite seriously for the last six months and actually have had my protease pot belly shrink down so that it's barely sticking out and my triglycerides decrease to the high end of normal. I am currently taking testosterone and Winstrol, and avoiding all sugar and starch, and will continue too, as long as it keeps working. Thank you for giving me your time and your knowledge.

Mark T.

I been on a Deca/testosterone regime for about 6 months, and I am very happy with it. I feel like I look like a healthy human again. I have put on about ten pounds of muscle and my face has filled out. My cheeks are still a little drawn, but with the rest of my face filling, you hardly notice it. And my butt has even returned. But most important, the Crix belly has definitely gone down. People have told me I look like I have lost 10 pounds (I've gained it). I know, because my waist size has gone down. Lifting weight with some aerobics is a big part of it, along with the Deca/testosterone I have put on a total of 40 pounds.


Tim here from Dallas. I spoke with you a couple of months ago. Was experiencing dramatic weight loss, dropped to 155 from 175. Started a modified PoWeR cycle. We are now at 200 mg testosterone and 100 mg nandrolone every other week. Glad I am almost done since they have stopped manufacturing the generic and the Deca is on back order. The results have been phenomenal, I am now up to 188 lbs. and have gotten noticeably bigger.

Thanks for all the help.

Dear Nelson,
In the summer of 1992 I was diagnosed with HIV while pursuing a career as an actor in West Hollywood, California. My dreams seemed to vanish before me as I packed my bags and moved back to my family in Pennsylvania to await death.
Three years later I developed anemia, KS, and lymphoma as my viral load skyrocketed to 750,000 and my T cells fell to 70. Hospitalized for a month I underwent transfusions, chemotherapy and dual antiretroviral therapy. I was told I had 6 months to live. Fortunately, access to the new protease inhibitors brought my viral load down to 1,700 while my T cells rose to 250. Friends from Los Angeles told me of anabolic therapy but my doctor dismissed it as novel and unnecessary.

Determined to survive I gained access to the internet and surfed to find Medibolics. I hungrily devoured the information and decided to email Michael Mooney. Much to my surprise he emailed me back and a phone conversation soon followed. I found Michael to be the most educated and compassionate man that I have ever spoken to concerning HIV and survival. Once empowered with an arsenal of information I was able to convince my doctor to give me a testosterone test, which showed that I was low at only 200. She put me on the ALZA patch and we both watched as my zest for life and strength increased. >>

Soon after this we both had the pleasure of attending a lecture in Harrisburg by you, Nelson Vergel, who shared your personal story and insight. We experimented with Oxandrin, and I gained more weight. Then I saw Dr. Douglas Dieterich of New York, who worked with me using Deca and testosterone with incredible success. Thanks to anabolic therapy I have my life back right where I want it. I am in the best shape of my life, I have become a personal trainer, teach aerobics 6 days per week, and my quality of life is the best ever. This empowerment to survive and the Built To Survive handbook have given me the guidelines to a healthy way of life where a person with HIV does not have to look and feel sick. Although I will always have a battle with HIV, I feel that I can meet any challenges that I have to face, and I have much to share to empower others like myself who are facing adversity.

Thank you,
Jim -- Harrisburg, PA